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Product Help Contents

General Product Instructions
DIY Coils/Ohms
DIY E-Liquid
Product Lithium ion Batteries

General Product Instructions

For product manuals/instructions, please see the individual product store listings.

DIY Coils

Steam Engine's Coil Wrap Online Calculator.

Steam Engine's Ohm's Law Online Calculator.

Kanthal Wire Beginners Guide.

DIY E-Liquid

Steam Engine's E-Liquid Calculator.

Flavoring Warning List maintained by E-Liquid-Recipes.com.

E-Liquid-Recipes.com comprehensive recipe sharing site.

DIY eJuice forum on Reddit.

DIY-Ejuice.com has everything you might need for DIY E-Liquid.

Product Lithium ion Batteries & Hazards/Risks

There is an abundance of information reguarding the proper use of Lithium ion batteries and their hazards on the internet and we have provided links to a few comprehensive sites on our Resources page. In summary, it is recommended that users of electronic cigarette products observe the following:

  • When buying products containing Lithium ion batteries or replacement Lithium ion batteries, buy the best quality "protected" battery available in the correct specifications for your device.
  • Only recharge batteries with the intended charging cable or adapter. Using chargers with incorrect voltage or current can cause a fire or catastrophic failure.
  • In the case of an e-cigarette that charges via a USB cable, always use a wall adaptor that will shut off once the product is charged.
  • If your battery unit screws onto charger, do not over-tighten battery threads into charger. Tighten just enough to create a contact, as verified by charger LED light.
  • Always charge in/on a fire-proof surface and away from combustable materials.
  • Never leave a charging battery unattended.
  • Never charge a battery overnight while you sleep.
  • Never leave a battery on your charger longer than necessary. When it is full, unplug your charger and remove the battery. Leaving a battery on charge when it is full will degrade it's performance and may result in a fire.
  • After charging, allow the battery to rest for a short period of time before using it.
  • If you suspect battery failure or damage, do not continue use. Discard immediately as is appropriate for your area.

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