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Hello and welcome to Wheatland Vapor Vaping Products! I am the owner (and chief bottle washer) and it is my pleasure to serve you!

Our mission is to provide easy to use high quality vaping products at reasonable, affordable prices to Canadians of legal age who currently vape or who are committed smokers looking for an alternative to tobacco.

There is a vast array of personal vaping products currently available on the market, from entry level starter kits to more advanced componants, and new models are being introduced each month. From those, we've selected easy to use products that we believe offer our customers the best vaping experience at the best value possible. You can feel confident in any product you purchase from Wheatland Vapor!

Wheatland Vapor is operated as a mail-order type business, rather than a "brick and mortar" store, which means you can shop from the comfort of your own home 24/7. If you have questions or concerns, we are happy to assist so drop us a note!

Our Customer Rating/Feedback
  Randy P  Jun 29, 2016 
Nothing but great experiences buying things here and it's nice to support an "almost" local company. Prompt shipping and delivery at very fair prices is all someone could really ask for. 
  Jeremy C  Jun 28, 2016 
always had a great ordering experience. always happy to answer questions i had and even ordered something in for me that wasn't on the standard list. great service. highly recommended 
  Daniel P  Jun 28, 2016 
Really good service, may sound funny to say about an online store, but *friendly* service, actually. Ordered in the morning, shipped in the afternoon, and really swift communication. Bookmarked to my short-list of trusted, preferred vendors.  
  Heather D  Jun 28, 2016 
Love Wheatland, I spend a fair amount here, for a number of reasons. 1#--is Donna--she's available and honest, and I'm proud to call her a friend I haven't met, yet. First class packing--everything arrives absolutely perfectly packaged, and that means everything arrives in great shape. Super wide selection and great prices. You order it--it's sent quickly and tracking provided. Always a pleasure to spend my time (and money, lol) here.  
  Greg R  Jun 28, 2016 
Found on a Google search for smok products. Wasn't on Reddit, so I took a shot, and I am glad I did. Went out just after I ordered, got a contact email to make sure I found everything ok. Everything was packaged perfectly and everything arrived as ordered. Always a pleasure purchasing from Donna, and Wheatland will always be my first stop for any purchases. 
  Salim D  Jun 28, 2016 
Amazing service and prices. Donna has always been super helpful and quick to respond to any concerns. She helped get my eleaf replaced when it started acting up. Highly recommended!! 
  Donna T  Jun 27, 2016 
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